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Things go wrong no matter what, alike you we also know that. But we just want to let you know, no matter what we have proven response methodology and professional by your side. With instantaneous deployment of our CSIRT, we will keep your damage minimized and let you quarantine the affected, while secure your other half before the whole infrastructure comes down. Our incident response and data breach or leakage team are trained professional, who would take over and secure your infrastructure. Data breaches have gained widespread attention as businesses of all sizes become increasingly reliant on digital data, cloud computing, and workforce mobility. With sensitive business data stored on local machines, on enterprise databases, and on cloud servers, breaching a company’s data has become as simple – or as complex – as gaining access to restricted networks.

CSIRT Response:

Our CSIRT group responds to breach or your security incidents on emergency basis. And while on the scene

  • First we put our incident response plan (IRP)
  • Our personnel then do a primary Investigating and analyzing of the incidents
  • A dedicated personnel oversee internal communications and give a primary updates during or immediately after incidents
  • We also support your event Communications with employees, shareholders, customers, and the press as needed
  • An expert team work on remediating incidents
  • Upon completion of initial phase we produce report after investigation.
  • An expert report on technology recommendation, policy  guidance, governance, and training changes after security incidents