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Breach Investigation

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Breach investigation

A Cyber Security incident is most likely to cause a breach in the information security practices. Whenever an organization experiences a incident, it most likely that once you secure your premises, the next thing is to investigate the breadth and depth of the incident , which in our term we call a breach investigation.

Our Cyber and information security services always perform Breach investigation in step by step manner. Our investigation focuses on these key areas:

  1. The management of the incident: Our CSIRT team and its management of the incident will come into this category. We will prepare a management synopsis to better understand and document the issue.
  2. Support for the incident investigation: We provide a documentation regarding the support that we provided due to the incident, and
  3. Resolution, litigation management and incident readiness: Our team will also ensure the resolution and the aftermath litigation.

During this process, we always be on the side of the client organization. We ensureĀ  that all the employees, board of directors and other stakeholders are provided with proper insight of the incident.