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CSIRT Emergency

CSIRT Emergency

Our CSIRT team responds to security incidents. Our responsibilities of a CSIRT service include: Creating and maintaining an incident response plan (IRP) Investigating and analyzing incidents.

Why Us:

Our CSIRT Team has the ultimate experience of Implementing and maintaining IRPs. However, these secure know how in several technical areas may not be readily available internally. However, on site IT team may not possess the skills particularly necessary for intrusion detection systems, vulnerability management and other cybersecurity techniques. In the event of an incident to instantly act with the proper tools and skills are essential.

Traditionally Managed Security Service Provider’s (MSSP’s) like us acts with more wider experiences. Most importantly, MSSP’s like us comes with the latest and most  advanced knowledge of security incidents. Ideally their customer base helps them correlate events better than an individual organization.

However, where your internal team of security experts as part of your CSIRT, ideally be scarce in the time of event and redundant while you have bright sunny days. Moreover, as an MSSP, usually we do maintain more secure facilities and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Our round the clock availability of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in offshore location provide out of hours eye on your infrastructures.

We are here because our outsourced services for you security incident leverage more cost and service benefit compared to in house CSIRT.

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