458 Montrave Ave
L1J 4S7 Oshawa , ON
+1 647-425-3216

Company history

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    • 2018

      Start with a small service

      CIS then situated in the Danforth Area. Supporting local Community mostly SMB with various IT and Cyber needs. We started small and maturing ourselves trying to build the professional image in locality. And yes we would never forget who relied on us for the first time.

    • 2019


      It's just rolled a digit on the calender and we found ourselves spending much more than earning! Good thing we are esablishing ourselves on the ground.

    • 2020


      ABEO , The association of Engineers in Ontario recogniged us to be moving even within the pandemic. We took up securing the organization. As a association their activities are mostly remote and during COVID - 19 time during lockdown you are not allowed to see each other. We thank ABEO to remain with us .

    • 2022


      CIS came out of the shell, giving post-covid onsite services and support. And finally after long time business as usual!