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Digital Forensic Investigation

Its a broad thing, nowadays apart from autopsy of the crime scene victim are mostly digital stuffs. Investigator rely broadly on these evidences, as footprints are most likely to be found on the mobile phone rather than the backyard.

Having that in mind we practice a broad range of services related to collection, forensic analysis by recovering data from wide range of digital devices, preserve them and produce report. While going through those rigorous steps along with law enforcement or businesses reporting breach we ensure highest level of integrity to build the strongest case. We know and value the principal that proper analytics and evidential summary can only conclusively present and answer future queries.

Ready to work along with legal counsel to ensure you have full support. CISS is a reliable team to its clients including top tier law firms, government agencies, private companies and individuals spanning a wide range of industries across Canada and internationally.


  • CISS forensic service include most forms of digital media.
  • CISS’s investigative teams up with legal counsel, private investigation, auditors, security experts, for forensic and secure evidence collection, preserve & delivery.